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Vocabulary: A Good Night’s Sleep

Verb + noun collocations

Vocabulary Table

WordsDefinitionsExample Sentences
get more sleepนอนให้พอ• Sleeping 4-5 hours is not enough. You should get more sleep.
• I feel tired so I have to get more sleep.
concentrate in your lessonsมีสมาธิในบทเรียน Listen carefully. You should concentrate in your lesson.
Students should concentrate in lesson and not talking in class.
catch a coldเป็นหวัด• I sneeze all day. I must catch a cold.
• Cold weather can cause you to catch a cold.
watch TVดูโทรทัศน์• How often do you watch TV?
• My family watches TV in the living room.
surf the Internetเล่นอินเตอร์เน็ต• If you want to get some information, you surf the internet.
• How many hours do you surf the internet?
have a snackทานของว่าง• Do you want to have some chips for a snack?
• I like to have a snack during watching movie.