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Vocabulary: Expressions with go


• Learn expressions with go.
• Listen to a conversation about summer trips.
• Talk about a trip to a summer camp.

Use the flashcard and the vocabulary table below to practice new words about priorities.

WordsDefinitionsExample Sentences
climbingการปีน• The group was climbing Mount Rokko in western Japan.
• I do an activity when you go climbing.
a theme parkสวนสนุกI visited my relative and went to a theme park during this summer vacation.
I love the theme park, it’s so much fun!
summer campค่ายฤดูร้อน• You sleep away from home when you go to a summer camp.
•Many students go to summer camp during the summer.
a school exchangeนักเรียนแลกเปลี่ยนSchools exchanging courses on a multicultural society.
• My friend has joined a school exchange for a year.
a guided tour การนำชมโดยมัคคุเทศก์• We’re very lucky to get a guided tour.
• I’ll give you a guided tour of the campus
a safari การท่องเที่ยวชมสัตว์• One way to see a lot of animals in Africa is to go on a safari.
• You must not get out of the car during a trip through the safari park.
skiingการเล่นสกี• I would rather go skiing tomorrow than today.
• It is the season for skiing right now in Korea.
sailingการเล่นเรือใบ• Mike began sailing when he was seven.
• You should try a sailing ship.
trekkingการเดินป่า• They had been trekking for three days.
• He spent the summer trekking the Taurus mountains.