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This is the end of my second week of my trip to Australia and here I am, spending a

few days at Ayers Rock, or Uluru as it is called by the Aborigines, near Alice Springs.

I took the train from Adelaide because I wanted to see as much of this huge country as possible. It was a really long journey and a bit boring to be honest as there isn’t really that much to see – just desert and a few plants here and there! I didn’t even see any animals as most of them only come out when it starts to get dark, so probably most of them were asleep. I guess it’s too hot for them in the midday sun.

I’m camping here with a group of students. We’ve got a fantastic guide who met us here and knows so much about the history and geography of this place. It’s absolutely boiling during the daytime but freezing at night so it really is extreme. No one can remember the last time there was heavy rain so you can imagine how careful everyone is with water.

Tomorrow we’re hiking round Ayers Rock. It doesn’t look that big on pictures but it’s actually almost 10 kilometres! But I’ll manage, I’m sure. The colours are amazing … reds and oranges and purples, so I’m really looking forward to taking some good photos.

James Brayne