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The Example Essay Exercise 2

Read the following example essay written by a student. Then answer the questions at the end of the essay.

A Virgo

          Every person has both good and bad character traits. Most people do not like to be criticized by others. However, it is good to be honest with yourself. We must admit that we all have both good and bad traits, and we must like ourselves as we are. If people do not love even a part of themselves, then they are practically dead. Since I am going to write about myself, I will write about the good and bad traits of my character. I was born under the astrological sign Virgo, and I believe I have some the characteristics of people born under this sign.

          One example a good trait of a Virgo that I have is patience. Sometimes I think I am almost too patient, but I have also found that patience helps me in a lot of things. For example, it helps me to study when the lesson is difficult or boring. Also, if I don’t succeed in something, I am willing to try several more times. My patience also helps me to relax and stay calm. I am very patient with people, too, e.g., children, senior citizens, and even people who are sick and need a lot of help. I can deal with people who are nervous, angry, and upset, and help them to calm down. Sometimes people take advantage of my patience, however, and I don’t like that at all.

          Another example of a typical Virgo trait that I have is ambition. I am very ambitious and can’t sit in one place for more than 10 minutes. If I make up my mind to do something, then I will do anything to meet my goal. It doesn’t matter how long it takes and how much energy and time will be needed to accomplish it. This is what helped me to graduate from high school in three years. I like to do housework, cook, and take care of babies. I also like to work outside my home. I like to be busy all day and have lots of things to do. This makes me happy and satisfied. I hate sitting at home all day doing nothing.

          Finally, like anyone, Virgos have some bad traits, too. This ambition can sometimes make them take on more work than they can handle, leading them to strain themselves to a breaking point. Sometimes I take on too much work and then reach a point at which I can do no more. Then I have to rest for a while and regain my strength. Virgos can also be fussy and irritable. I suppose I can be that way, too, sometimes. For instance, I like everything to be neat and tidy. If someone comes along and messes things up, I will scold them.           In conclusion, I am very happy that I am a Virgo. My patience and ambition gave me the confidence I needed to choose to be a psychologist. Because work hard and can deal with people who have problems, I think I will someday be very successful in this profession. Some people envy me for the traits I have, and that gives me an idea that I am not so bad after all.