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Exercise 2 – Thesis statement

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Exercise 2 – Thesis statement

Read the following essay written by a student. Then answer the questions at the end of the essay.

Superstitions in My country

In the Middle East especially Syria where I come from, people believe in some superstitions. Some of these superstitions are so strong that they are almost customs. These superstitions are about protecting against evil and bringing good luck. Two of the most popular superstitions are concerned with the evil eye and throwing water.

People believe that they must protect themselves from the evil eyes of another person by putting turquoise beads in various places. A blue bead is pinned on newly born babies because babies are more vulnerable to an evil spirit and must be protected. Since houses must be protected, too, a blue bead, usually with a horseshoe, is placed near the door way for protection against someone with an evil eye. Also, if people have an item of special value like a car or sewing machine, they must protect it with blue bead.

Another popular superstition is throwing water, which is done at various times. When someone leaves on a trip, people throw water out of the window to wish the traveler a good trip. This is so the person will go and come back like water. Water is also thrown by people when a funeral procession goes by in the street, so that death will not come into the people’s homes. The Armenians, who are Christians who live in Syria, throw water on each other on a special Saint’s Day in mid-Julay for fertilty and prosperity.