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Writing: An essay


• read an essay.
• learn ways of communicate.
• be able to write an essay.

Read the essay. Choose the best title.

Twenty years ago, mobile phones were for business people. Nowadays, It’s impossible to find a teenager without one, but are mobiles the best way for teenagers to communicate? Mobiles can be useful. Firstly, they allow teenagers to communicate with their friends and family anywhere, anytime. Sending text messages is also quick and cheap. What’s more, mobiles help you organise your life, and you can tell your parents what you’re doing so they don’t worry.

However, there are negatives. For one thing, you might not have a signal, especially in the countryside. In addition, if you are in a noisy place, you can’t hear your mobile ring. Lastly, using it all the time can be expensive.

On balance, I think mobiles have definitely improved communication for teenagers. Nevertheless, they mustn’t use them too much.