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Reading: Everyone’s an Artist


• Read an online debate about art and artists.
• Learn some collocations.
• Have a debate about art and artists.

Everyone’s an artist

You’ve taken a photo and out it on a social network site. Fifteen friends have given you a ‘like’. You’re an artist!

Mona Lisa


We look at the Mona Lisa or a Picasso painting and we say, ‘That’s art.’ But what about the amazing graffiti someone has painted on your street? What about the poster presentation you’ve done? You’ve worked hard and it’s great. So, have you made a work of art? To me, art is anything that’s creative. Of course, I like going to famous museums but I also like drawing portraits of my friends or taking photos. I’m not very good at these things, but I’m creative. I’m passionate about them, and my friends like them. Most of all, I like them!

Josh, age 15, San Diego, California


I have always loved visiting art museums. Why? Because I like looking at good art. Art is not a drawing that a four-year-old child has done, it isn’t painting your body crazy colours and standing in the street, and it certainly isn’t graffiti. Some people say, ‘If it’s creative, it’s art.’ I don’t agree. My aunt is an artist. She went to art school, and she has worked in her studio for years. She hasn’t made much money, but her sculptures have been in a few exhibitions. Her art is great. You haven’t made a work of art if you haven’t studied for years and developed your talent.

Kirsten, age 16, Berlin, Germany

Picasso’s Painting

The British graffiti artist Banksy sold a piece of graffiti for $1.8 million.

Who is Banksy? by Top Trending

Read the article. Are these sentences true or false?