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Unit aims

I can …

• Understand a blog about extreme weather.
• Describe where I live and past activities.
• Understand a conversation about a news story.
• Understand an article about a remote island.
• Give my opinion, agree and disagree politely.
• Write an email to a pen friend.

Unit contents

VocabularyExtreme Weather
Words in Context
Survival Essentials
Prepositional Phrases
ReadingA blog
The long winter
A magazine article
Language FocusPresent simple vs. present continuous
Past simple vs. past continuous
ListeningA conversation
Discover CulturePeople of the mangrove jungle
SpeakingGiving your opinion
Real talk: Which do you prefer – towns and cities
or the countryside?
Pronunciation/r/ and /i:/
WritingAn email to a friend
Opening and closing an email
CLILBiology: Global warming
Hot topics